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Take a Guided Tour to the Banana Islands

Option 1
For a return journey to the Banana Islands, we charge $150 USD/boat. Each boat takes 4-6 people. We will take you to the island in the morning, stroll around the island in the afternoon, and have you home for dinner.

If you would like us to provide you with lunch (your choice of shrimp, fish or crab and rice, couscous or chips) and drinks, let us know.  Lunch is an extra $10/person.

The Banana Islands are truly “islands of history.”  The three islands are comprised of  Dublin, Ricketts and Mes Meheux. If you have snorkelling gear, Mes Meheux is excellent for snorkelling.  The Banana Islands were once a bustling slave-trading centre. Read up on your history before coming and ask our guides plenty of questions to make your trip to the Banana Islands even richer.

Option 2
If you would like to spend more than just a day exploring the Banana Islands, you can arrange a pick-up and drop off with us.