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Explore River Number 2 by Boat

Option 1 (Boat-ride)
The 2-3 hour round trip up River Number 2 is for those short on time but eager for an excursion. This trip takes you to a waterfall which is thunderous in the rainy season. On the way to and from the waterfall, it’s likely you’ll see monkeys, get a chance to listen to small crabs feeding at the base of mangroves and even see a crocodile. This part of Sierra Leone is also home to many rare birds, so keep your eyes peeled for flashes of colour overhead. This trip costs 195,000 Leones/boat (about $40USD). Each boat takes up to four people.

Option 2 (Boat-ride and hike up mountain)
The 4-5 hour round trip takes you up River Number 2 to the waterfall. We anchor the boat at the base of the waterfall and then hike up one of the mountains in the area. From the peak of the mountain, you will get a chance to see the Sierra Leonean flag – green hills, a strip of white sand, and the deep blue ocean.  It’s quite the vista – our community nestled against the ocean, the serpentine river that feeds into the ocean, and the red road that brought you to our resort. This trip costs 250,000 Leones/boat (about $50USD). Each boat takes up to four people.

For both trips, we suggest that you take along insect repellent, a decent pair of shoes (if you’re hiking), drinking water, and plenty of questions for our experienced guides who are more than eager to answer any of your questions about the wildlife and the landscape.