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About us

Our Development Association began in 1995, in the midst of Sierra Leone’s civil war. When the rebels made their way up the Peninsula in retreat (stealing and destroying everything they came across), we buried our generators, engines, signboards and drink crates and we hid in boats far out to sea or took shelter deep in the bush. When the dust settled, we returned to our village and began putting things back together.

As they say in Krio, the language spoken across Sierra Leone – smal, smal (one step at a time). Since then we have continued to develop our resort and our community one step at a time. We use the funds we generate to pay for community weddings, funerals, healthcare and education. We also use our funds to constantly improve our resort.

We are now staffed by 60 members from our community. We also have a council of 10 elected members, headed by a president who is elected through secret ballot. It’s our firm belief that we can only take care of our community, our resources and our resort through genuine community involvement and cooperation.  We are proud of what we stand for and we hope that we are paving the way for the future of ethical, ecological, community-friendly tourism in Sierra Leone.

As our business increases, and more visitors chose to stay with us, we hope that the next decade brings us enough business to pay for some members of our community to attend tourism programs and improve their culinary skills. We want to improve our beach bungalows, our excursions and our kitchen. We have a long way to go but we are on the way!

Your decision to stay with us is a decision to support the bright future of Sierra Leone.